Friday, September 18, 2009

Lone (RBI) Ranger.

Coming into tonight's game the Rangers had scored one run in their last 37 innings. Add the first five innings of tonight's game and they are up to one run in the last 42 innings. Things haven't been that bad offensively since the team was in Washington.

The lone run came courtesy of a solo home run by David Murphy. Murphy, show here on his 2008 Dr. Pepper card, is 1-for-3 tonight. Maybe he'll be able to unload another dinger and get the Rangers in the game against the Angels.


Jim said...

The Rangers' offensive peaks and valleys seem to mirror those of the Phillies this year. Very, very frustrating. Here's hoping for a Sox collapse and a Rangers winning streak.

unclemoe said...

Cool card!

Spiff said...

Thanks Moe. There are several others from the set scattered in other posts.