Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Rangers auto #6.

I remember my Grandfather saying that the Rangers found Geno Petralli on a Dr. Pepper loading dock. Not sure if that story is true or not. Cool if it is. I got this card signed through the mail by Geno during his playing days back in the early 1990's.


Anonymous said...

It's true he was working for Dr. Pepper when he got a call from Texas telling him they had aquired him and needed him to report to the minors.

Geno is a great guy and I was lucky enough to be close with his family for several years during his time with the Rangers.

He, along with Brad Arnsberg, Bobby Witt, Curtis Wilkerson & Mitch Williams were the nicest pro ballplayers I ever met.

Spiff said...

Glad to hear that Geno was a nice guy. I always liked him when he played for Texas. Can't seem to get a through the mail auto request to go through now though, the cards just disappear.