Friday, June 20, 2008

1989 Upper Deck - Scott Fletcher

Today's card is number 420 in Upper Deck's debut year, Scott Fletcher. Due to Scott's hang time here, this one should be enjoyed by Lucy over at Dinged Corners.

Scott was the Rangers shortstop when I first started keeping track of the team and the players. My Grandfather called him "Scottie" and that helped to personalize him. I remember being bummed when Texas traded him away during the 1989 season.

Upper Deck burst on the scene in 1989 and instantly challenged Topps as the top dog in the card industry. Great photography, sharp looking cards, and holograms on the back of every card. The holograms were supposed to keep the cards from being counterfeited. I had never realized that was a problem but took their word for it. The packs were foil and couldn't be looked through like Score's could. All the security seemed to justify in part the slightly higher costs. I decided to collect the set. The Griffey rookie card hype took that out of the picture though. I had thought the ten cent price tag on the common set fillers was harsh (the other brands were five cents for a common). There was no way I could cough up the bucks for a Griffey. That pretty much torpedoed my 1989 Upper Deck set aspirations.

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