Monday, June 16, 2008

1991 Ultra - Ivan Rodriguez

Pudge makes his weekly appearance on number U-58 of the 1991 Ultra Update set. Ultra was in the majority of brands when it left Ivan out of its regular set and had to make up the omission in the update set.

While not one of my favorite set designs, I don't mind the card. Plenty of picture and minimal borders. The back of the card has three different pictures of Ivan. A close-up, running the bases, and attired in his catching gear. There is no informational write-up and only one year of stats. Of course at this stage Pudge only had one or two years of stats.

While the overall design is good I do have one small gripe with the card. You would think that a hitter of Rodriguez' caliber could get a better shot on the front of his card than this one. It looks like he just shot a grounder along the line and is watching the third baseman make the snag.

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Bay Rat North West said...

Be glad he is not puffing his cheeks like almost every card of Sean Casey from Topps