Monday, June 2, 2008

1991 ProCards - Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan on Monday! Today we continue to follow Pudge's trail through the 1991 card year and the confusing mixture of big league and minor league cards that were issued that year. Here we see Ivan on card number 2776 of ProCards' offering. This card is interesting to me in a couple of ways.

First is the design on the front. The spiral notebook look is rather neat and is continued on the back of the card. Kind of recalls a scout's notes on the players he watches.

The second thing is not visible from the front of the card. On the back of the card is an ad for Tulsa's Baseball Card Store. Apparently the store is, or was, a rather large operation. Two locations and two phone numbers are given.

Nobody gave Saturday's trivia a try but here are the answers anyway.
1. True.
2. Mike Schmidt
3. Don Baylor
4. Charlie Root
5. First Base


Anonymous said...

There is a shop in Tulsa now called S and S. Its a pretty cool shop. I got my Tulsa Drillers Ivan Rodriguez Hartland figure there.

Spiff said...

Hey! Welcome back Joey. I figured the Pudge minor league card might draw a comment from you.