Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not again!

Today's card is number 166 in the 2007 Topps set, Hank Blalock.

Hank seems to be a hard-luck player as of late. After being injured during Spring Training and again earlier this season he volunteered to move from third to first if it would help the team. The powers that be thought it would and so he made the move. Then came the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the surgery. Now comes word that he jammed a hand playing in Oklahoma on Sunday. He was supposed to be back today against Houston but is now a possibility for Friday. Seems like Hank can't get a break. As soon as he starts mend it seems that something else goes wrong.

All this is really too bad. Hank seems like a nice guy and has (or maybe had) some real talent. He appears to be willing to make adjustments to help the team. All that means little though if he can't take the field. Texas has an option for Hank for 2009. If he can't get healthy fast and stay that way I am afraid that they won't be able to justify picking it up.


--David said...

I hope he recovers quickly. I'd love to se him play when I catch the Tribe in Arlington in August!

Spiff said...

You might, but just barely. They are now saying that he will probably be out until after the All-Star break.