Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2001 Fleer Futures - Andres Galarraga

Today's card is number 77 in the 2001 Fleer Futures set, Andres Galarraga. The Big Cat signed with Texas in December of 2000 and played in 72 games for them during the 2001 season. He was traded to the Giants at the end of July of the same year.

Andres didn't appear in many games for Texas. He doesn't even appear here in a Rangers uniform. I have this card in my collection because he is listed on the card as a Ranger. It does bug me a bit though that Fleer used a picture of him in a Braves uniform. Airbrushing is sometimes a little weird looking but Topps was using it as early as the 70's. Another alternative might be to use a head-shot where the uniform is not visible. A picture of Andres out of uniform might also have been a workable solution.

Am I the only one that gets a little miffed by the card companies showing players in uniforms that don't match the team name on the card? What is the best solution in your opinion?


Anonymous said...

I especially hate this if the player (like AG) never appeared on a card in the short-lived team's uniform. If a player is traded mid-late season, then either traded again or signs elsewhere for the following season, I want a card picturing that player on that middle team, even if he only played there a very short time. Baseball cards chronicle a player's career. So there should be at least one for every team on which he plays.

Spiff said...

Thanks for commenting John. Hope you come back in the future and read more.

I agree with your take. I might make an exception for a situation where a player only appears in two or three games for a team but I prefer to see them in the uniforms they played in.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite cards is a Piazza with the Marlins. When I was a kid, I remember the 1972 Topps White Sox had a couple guys (non-rookies) who never actually appeared in a game with them. Rich Robertson and Lowell Palmer were traded to the Sox, but left the team before playing for them. I loved those cards.