Monday, June 9, 2008

1991 Tulsa Drillers - Ivan Rodriguez

Getting back into the swing of things with Ivan on Monday. Pudge is shown here on his 1991 Tulsa Drillers Team Issue card. This card is number 23 of a 30 card set that was apparently issued by the team. I am going to guess as a stadium giveaway but I really don't know for sure.

Although it might be hard to read, the baseball logo on the lower left of the card says, "Tulsa's Baseball Card Store." From what I can tell this would be the same store that helped to put out last week's card of Ivan. One of the two addresses listed on the back of the card for the store is the same. We also learn from the back of the card that it was printed by X-Press Printing on South Mingo in Tulsa.

I am guessing that by the time this card was issued Pudge was gone, called up to the majors. Still a neat card though. After seeing Tulsa's Baseball Card Store featured on two consecutive cards I now feel a need to try and get by there sometime if I am ever in Tulsa.

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