Monday, June 30, 2008

1991 Baseball Cards Magazine - Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan makes his usual Monday appearance on this Baseball Cards Magazine card from 1991. It is number 62 in the set.

I don't believe that Beckett has this card listed on their checklist for Pudge. It was part of a set that was sent out in Baseball Cards Magazine. The cards came in sheets and had to be cut apart by the subscribers. I got this one already loose.

The back of the card contains no stats, just a short write-up of each of the three players pictured on the front. Interestingly, Palmer is listed as OF-3B.

The card then informs us that Rodriguez was considered "the best catching prospect to come around in a long time." It also mentions that one of his throws to second was clocked at 85 mph. That is about it on Ivan.

For all the lack of stats and solid information the card doesn't do too bad. Alexander only lasted three years and 36 games but the other two did well. Palmer managed to put together a decent 14 year career and Rodriguez is still playing. Not a bad percentage of success.

Also, for those scoring at home, here are the answers to Saturday's questions:
1. True - Probably would have gotten that one.
2. Brooks Robinson - Also a probable.
3. Hal Lanier - Would have missed that one by a mile.
4. Paul Splittorff - No chance.
5. Yes - Got that one easy.


Anonymous said...

Dean Palmer still infuriates me to this day. You could always count on him for a solo homer in a game that was already decided.

Spiff said...

I had a hard time warming up to Palmer because he took over from Steve Buechele.

Bay Rat North West said...

SCD's catalog has all of then check listed in their almanac. Under Baseball Card Magazine Cards. There are a lot of cards that Beckett does not list that SCD does. If you can find them from every 3 years they drop some brands.

Spiff said...

Ok, thanks Joe!