Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1986 Classic - Oddibe McDowell

Kind of a hectic day today. Haven't had time to come up with a decent post so I'll fall back on some Classic trivia. Today's questions are provided by Oddibe McDowell on his 1986 Classic card, number 115. I'll probably leave these questions open until Tuesday since I am going to be gone over the weekend. Ok, here we go.

1. (T-F) Ron Bloombert was the first designated hitter in baseball?
2. Who was the last N.L. pitcher to win 30 games in one season?
3. What Cubs pitcher won the Cy Young Award in 1979?
4. Who was the first switch-hitter to get 100 hits both ways in the same year?
5. Who's record for most home runs in a career did Hank Aaron break?

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