Wednesday, January 7, 2009


No, I'm not talking about how irritating it is to have to read about Manny Ramirez's contract drama. I am talking about what Bowman and other card brands have become over the years. While most brands are guilty, Bowman seems to have led the charge. Today's card is a prime example.

Today we see pitcher Eric McCray on card number 281 of the 1991 Bowman set. Eric is listed on the card as a Texas Ranger and appears in their uniform. So far so good.

Where things break down though is that McCray never appeared in a Rangers' game. In fact, he never made it past AA ball. His last game was in 1992 with the Gulf Coast League Rangers on the rookie ball level. So, while he appears on a "major league baseball card" he never made it to the majors.

I really don't mind getting cards of career minor league players, I have quite a few. I would rather get them on minor league cards though. In it's rush to become "The home of the Rookie Card" Bowman has issued hundreds of these types of cards. I understand, to some extent, the rookie sensation who can't miss, but McCray was drafted in 1988 and made his professional start the same year. By the time this card was issued he had been throwing for two years and I don't ever remember hearing about him. Hardly a hot prospect. This is one reason I don't buy many Bowman packs.

If a company wants to issue cards of minor league players then issue a minor league set. Please don't take up space in a pack with major league players.


Rod (Padrographs) said...

Several of the players that I need signatures of are the disappearing Bowman players. It is nice in one way because it is easier to get them signed, because they aren't major leaguers yet and not hounded. But some of them are released before the card even comes out.

Spiff said...

That is what makes it so frustrating. Here I am buying or trading for cards of players who never made the big team. The autograph quest is also an issue as well.