Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One down...

The Ranger's starting rotation candidate field is already thinning out some. 2004 first round draft pick Eric Hurley had rotator cuff surgery today. He will miss all of the 2009 season as a result but should be ready for 2010. Such a start to the year gives me the shakes, knowing as I do Texas' history with pitching.

Got this 2008 Dr. Pepper card of Hurley from my in-laws for my birthday. It was paper clipped to a signed wall hanging that they had won at a raffle. Since I have his autograph already, it would be nice to see Eric get back in form and live up to his potential. It would also help the team substantially.

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That is just freaking unbelievable.... oh wait this always seems to happen to the Rangers. Man I am really bummed out now.