Friday, May 8, 2009

Manny, take a lesson from the Little Professor.

Sad news today all over in spite of Texas hanging on to first place.

Manny Ramirez got suspended for failing a performance enhancing drug test. Not really surprised there. I never had any reason to suspect Manny of using. I also never had any reason to suspect him of having the character to not use either. The test failure fits with Manny being an immature and classless dolt.

The saddest news was the passing of Dom DiMaggio. Dom was a great player who was somewhat overshadowed by his brother, Joe. He put up some great numbers of his own though and is considered by many to be a borderline Hall of Fame candidate. He was also the last of the three DiMaggio brothers who played in the Majors. Baseball has lost a piece of its fabric with the passing of this class act and fan favorite. Ramirez could have learned a lot from the Little Professor had he ever taken the time while he was with the Red Sox.

Since Dom was never associated with the Rangers I decided to post a card of one of his former teammates. Here we see the late Ted Williams on card number 510 of the 1972 set.

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