Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Odds and ends.

Not much to cover today. Last night was an off night for the entire A.L. West so there was no change in the standings. Tonight the Rangers kick off some division play against the Mariners in Arlington. Word is that Josh Hamilton and Michael Young will both be back in the lineup. That is definitely good news.

Today is also Yogi Berra's birthday. In recognition of the fact, I have posted a card of one of his most capable successors. I always liked Yogi, in spite of the pinstripes. His ability to work hard and still keep things in perspective is a challenge. He pulled the balance off perfectly and managed to be one of the game's greatest backstops ever. Hope you enjoy your day Mr. Berra.

Another reason that I posted this 1993 Topps card, number 360, was that I just got it today. It came in a surprise package from John in the U.K. While I didn't need this particular card, I did need about half of the ones he sent. Very good ratio for a random stack. I do feel a bit bad about this one though since I have never reciprocated John's last mailing. With my work schedule I haven't been able to pick up any packs for him and am still working on getting a Red Sox stack together. Sorry about that John. Thanks a bunch for the package. I'll try to get something out to you soon.

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jackplumstead said...

No worries. Glad you needed the cards-the ratio's of have/needs is getting better. Look forward to whatever you send.