Thursday, August 14, 2008

1981 Donruss Jim Sundberg - TTM autograph

Tired of keeping up with blowouts in Boston so I will turn to players past for today's card. Here we have number 385 in the 1981 Donruss set, Jim Sundberg.

I sent this card off to Sunny in 1988 after I got the TTM idea from Beckett. After carefully copying off the Royals' address I sent off this card and a battered 1986 Topps card. Then came the wait.

To my overwhelming joy, both cards returned home safely and with Jim's signature attached. As an added bonus, Sunny had enclosed an autographed tract as well. Thus encouraged, I embarked on my through the mail autograph career.

One odd thing that stands out to me about this card is the device used to inscribe it. Every other card that I have gotten signed is signed in sharpie. Sundberg used a ball-point pen. I have no idea why. Perhaps that is normally what he used. It would have worked ok I suppose until the advent of glossy cards.


Anonymous said...

The Red Sox series has been brutal. I got Sundberg's auto at a fundraiser several years ago. He was pleasant to talk to and patient with some fans that wanted a little more attention.

My sig is boxed away in a program. I need to go find it again.

Spiff said...

Glad to hear from you Joey! I have been enjoying your "Touch 'em all" feature. Sundberg always seemed like a player who truly cared for the fans.

Anonymous said...

14 of the last 17...ugh.

I sure miss 81 Donruss...:)

That is a sweet TTM!