Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a week!

Ok, not exactly a week. Nine days to be exact. Up until today I had received four cards signed and returned this month from two different players. This 1990 Upper Deck card signed by Jamie Moyer arrived in my mailbox today. Along with the 1990 Donruss card he signed, this brings the total up to six for the month.

I had sent this card and the 1990 Donruss one to "Moyer the Destroyer" in June. Of course I had to send them to the Phillies but I made sure that I sent ones picturing him when he played for Texas. I enclosed a note asking Jamie to sign this one and to feel free to keep the Donruss one. He assented to sign but ignored the option to keep the other one. Ok by me!

I am really enjoying the through the mail gig. Has anyone else been successful this year requesting autographs through the mail?


Dinged Corners said...

We've gotten many autographs through the mail...the only problem is finding the time and organizational ability to get the cards OUT. Moyer's one of our favorites and he's a great signer. That is a very nice card!

Spiff said...

I had forgotten that Moyer was one of your favorites. I will have to mention that the next time I post one of his cards.

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I've sent out cards TTM. I did send out about ten this past week to various baseball/football players. I'm getting addicted to this again so next week, I'm going to go through a bunch of my base cards to send them out. Very nice success with Moyer!!!