Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rough weekend.

Ouch! After sweeping the Indians in the first three games of the season it seems that the Rangers can't beg, buy, or steal a win. At least I got to spend this last weekend visiting family so that kind of took the sting out of the Rangers' collapse.

Since I missed posting on the losses and there haven't been many highlights, I decided to to dig into my Rangers notebooks to see what I could find. As I was flipping through, I came across the 1984 Donruss set. As sample we see Danny Darwin on card 544.

This set has been one of my favorite Donruss sets since I got my first card from it. It's debut was about three years before I started collecting so I never pulled any from packs. When I picked some up though I was immediately drawn to the nice, simple design. The large pictures and easy to read team and player names add to the attraction of the set. However, the blurry pictures and difficulty finding centered cards manage to drag the set down in the ratings a bit.

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