Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trading with Rhubarb.

Made a small trade with Rhubarb Runner over at é rayhahn, rayhahn. My end of the trade came in the mail this morning.

Rhubarb is a big Twins collector with not many holes left in his collection but I was able to fill one or two. In return he sent me several cards I needed for my team sets.

The highlight of the trade was this Al Oliver comic. It is number 16 in the 1979 Topps Comics set and is the first of its kind I have seen in person. It is printed on wax type paper and there is nothing printed on the back. Very cool piece.

Thanks for the trade Rhubarb! Hopefully I can come up with some more Twins you need.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to do business -- nothing better than finding a good home for cardboard (or waxy paper, as the case may be). Thanks also for your end of the trade. I'll keep you in mind if I stumble over any other good Rangers cards.