Friday, February 12, 2010

Surprise finish.

So I get home from work today to find a bubble mailer waiting for me. The return address showed it to be from Adam at Thoughts and Sox. I wondered if I had forgotten a trade we had agreed on and neglected to send my end of the deal. Not that I have much up for trade that Adam needs. No, that hadn't happened.

What had happened was that Adam had decided to surprise me with a very nice stack of Rangers. There were probably a little over a hundred cards in the package and I needed about two thirds of them.

One of the cards I needed was this 2006 Upper Deck Ovation card of Carlos Lee, number 16 in the set. Carlos was the last card I needed to complete the team set from 2006 Ovation. Always very cool when a card completes a team set. Even better when that card comes as part of an unexpected gift. Thanks Adam! I really appreciate your generosity.

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AdamE said...

It is always kind of a crap-shoot when sending a team collector cards, so I am glad you needed a bunch of them. Glad you could use them.