Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wantlist - 1985 Fleer.

For some reason I am short on 1985 Fleer cards. Larry Parrish on card number 564 is one of the few examples I have of the set. As such the wantlist is rather long.

1985 Fleer
561 Jeff Kunkel
569 Dave Stewart
574 George Wright
1985 Fleer Update
49 Toby Harrah
56 Burt Hooton
61 Cliff Johnson
80 Oddibe McDowell
91 Dave Rozema
104 Don Slaught

Quite a few holes here in the team set. If you can help fill any of them (or have any cards previously listed on wantlist posts) then shoot me an email. I am sure we can work out some sort of trade. Thanks!

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