Monday, March 22, 2010

Cookies and the results...

Decided to post card number 28 in the 1990 Mother's Cookies Rangers team set. I have to admit that I like the Mother's Cookies sets and was very sad to see them go. The cards all look like this and I have always been partial to such designs. The corners are actually rounded on these sets, much like the MLB Showdown cards. This particular card doubles as both the set checklist and the clubhouse staff card.

Didn't really have any other card that seemed appropriate to post with Josh Hamilton and I both headed to the dentist today. Not sure that this one is appropriate but at least it has trainers and and a strength and conditioning coach on it. Kind of like the dentist I suppose, getting one's teeth strengthened and conditioned. Don't really like going to the dentist but it sounds like Hamilton had a worse time of it than I did. At least my face is starting to feel normal again. Hopefully his is as well.

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