Monday, July 5, 2010

Minor League Monday - Javier Ortiz, 1987 ProCards.

Javier Ortiz, pictured here on card number 147 of the 1987 ProCards set, was a first round draft pick. The Rangers took him fourth overall in the 1983 draft. It would take him seven years to see Major League service and then it wouldn't be with Texas.

By 1987 Javier had worked his way up through the levels of the Rangers' organization to Triple A. He would appear in 119 games that season for the Eighty-Niners.

Records are a bit sketchy but it is clear that Javier posted a .276 batting average and a .369 on base percentage with OKC. He hit 15 home runs and had 69 RBI. He also struck out 99 times. His fielding percentage was .974.

Two days before Christmas in 1987 the Rangers traded Javier to the Los Angeles Dodgers for pitcher Scott May. He would spend a year and a half there before being sent to Houston and finally making the Bigs in 1990.

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