Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hearing the Vealtones.

First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope all take some time to reflect on how blessed by God we are.

Last weekend marked the beginning of a couple of very busy weeks for me. Work schedule shifts, Thanksgiving, travel, etc. Hectic.

Got home on Monday to find a package from Dustin over at Coot Veal and The Vealtones. We had been working on a trade for awhile and finally got the details hammered out just before things got busy. Being an understanding guy, Dustin sent his end of the trade and told me to get mine in the mail when possible. Included in the package from Dustin were two Rangers game-used cards, one of which was this 2005 Donruss Champions bat bit card of former Ranger Al Oliver. Anytime I can scoop a Scoop card I'm up for it. Also in the mailer was a Tanner Scheppers auto, a game-used Bob Gibson, and four cards that are probably going out as gifts. Dustin also tossed in several Rangers not included in the original trade. They all hit holes in my collection.

Dustin's still looking for trades so if you haven't already, get over to his blog and check out his trade bait. Thanks a ton for the trade Dustin, I really enjoyed the break when package arrived. Your cards are on their way, if you don't have them yet.

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Dhoff said...

Glad you enjoyed. Thanks!