Thursday, December 24, 2015

Random Autograph.

Well, here we are on Christmas Eve. Things are getting busy around the Spiff household and, I trust, around yours as well. Wishing you and yours a great time of fellowship and reflecting on the greatest gift of all.

No through the mail returns this week so it's time to take a look back at a random Ranger autograph. In this case it's Bobby Witt's signature on his 1996 Leaf Signature Series card. While I don't particularly care for this picture of Witt, I have always considered this set to be a nice looking one.

No big news on the off-season front either for the past couple of days. Looks like Kansas City may be losing the Alex Gordon negotiations. Hard to predict those things though, they may end up hugging and making up. Look for things to heat up news-wise after Christmas as the clubs try to address their roster needs and the players look to avoid being the last free agent off the bus.

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