Thursday, December 31, 2015

Final 2015 Autograph Post.

Well, here we are. The last post of 2015. Decided to finish off the game-used and autograph year with my most recent through the mail return.

I sent this 1965 Topps card to Pete Richert on October 31, 2015. It returned to my mail box on December 26th. Thanks to Mr. Richert for taking of his time to sign and return my card.

Gotta say, I am loving getting these Senators cards signed. Of course, Rangers returns are always awesome as well. For some reason, getting an autograph from a player always makes me feel like a kid again. Seeing Spiff Jr beginning his own autograph collection is even more thrilling. Throughout the year I have been blessed by active and retired players taking the time to sign for me, both in person and through the mail. I appreciate their kindness.

Equalling the players who sign are the fellow collectors who trade, blog, and just talk about baseball and collecting. The comments on this blog and the random packages of Rangers cards are much appreciated and I can never repay your kindness.

Looking forward to the new year and many more great collecting memories. Thanks again to everyone and may your new year be a good one.

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