Friday, January 7, 2011

No re-gifting here.

So I'm finally starting to get caught up at home and work from the holidays. Seems like being gone the week between Christmas and New Year's put me a little behind.

As I am finally putting away the gifts I was given by family it re-occurs to me how great they are. From what I have read and heard there seem to be a lot of folks out there who have very loving families who just don't understand the need to follow a particular team or player. Actually, I'm not sure mine does either but they are good sports about it all.

Mrs. Spiff in particular is good about the Rangers and sometimes even shares my enthusiasm. In fact, for Christmas she presented me with this 2010 World Series program. Very cool. I am looking forward to reading it - very carefully.

The rest of the family is great as well, both sides. My parents, in-laws, sister, and two of my three brothers gave me Rangers-themed gifts. One brother even gave Mrs. Spiff two Rangers t-shirts. No cards except from Mrs. Spiff but still cool all the away around. Makes me very grateful. Not just for the gifts but more importantly for the people behind them who are willing to take the time and thought to give what they know others will enjoy.


Play at the Plate said...

I'm glad you got your program, but I have to say I was very disappointed to buy two at Game 4 only to see the exact same program selling at Wal-Mart. The ones sold at the actual games ought to be noticeably different to set them apart. Of course I'm biased because I was fortunate enough to go to one of the games.

Steve Scott said...

I wondered why my WS program had only Giants stuff on it, but then guessed there were two covers, one for the SF area, one for TX. That's a cool cover! I wonder if there's a third, or what somebody in Alaska will get if they ordered on thru MLB.