Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So much cooler online?

So once again it is Wednesday. No wantlist today though. Instead I have finally gotten my wantlists put online. Thus card number 750 of the 1998 Pacific Online set.

You can see the Rangers wantlists here, the Senators wantlists here and the tradelist here. Still have a little updating to do on the tradelist but it's mostly there. Not sure if being online makes the lists any cooler but they are more available. Let me know if you see anything you want or can send my way.

Since there will be no more wantlist posts, I am looking for ideas for Wednesdays. If anyone has something they would like to see as a regular feature please let me know. If it catches my fancy I might give it a shot. If I don't get any ideas you'll just have to suffer through whatever I can come up with.