Saturday, October 24, 2009

Late post.

Sorry this post is after midnight. Please consider it as October 23rd's post.

Not much to report today. Elvis Andrus was named as the Rangers top rookie. Not much surprise there.

Decided to post card number 375 in the 2009 Upper Deck set for several reasons. First, I just got the card so it is downstairs instead of up with the rest of my collection and I really don't feel up to running up and getting a different card. Second, I just realized I haven't posted a 2009 Upper Deck card until this one. Third, I really liked these uniforms.

I always liked the vest style uniforms and was glad when Texas went to them. In my opinion the gray ones looked better than the home whites. One of the things I was bummed about with the new uniforms this past year was the change away from the vests. In my view the vests are a nice looking throwback design. Kinsler wearing his socks high helps complete the look.

So, vests or regular jerseys? Which would you go with if you were in charge of uniform design?

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