Thursday, October 8, 2009

Short post.

Eight hours of work, two hours of kiddo-watching, and four hours of class have left me with little time to post today.

With that in mind, I give you the quick rundown. Rockies win. Cardinals lose. Anaheim leads. There you have it.

For today's card I give you this 2002 Bowman's Best Certified Autograph issue card of Mario Ramos. Mario's 13 inning career was almost as short as this post. His 6.23 ERA may have been prettier but that is probably saying more about the post than Mario's performance.

I do apologize for posting and running but I will try and do better tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Matt Runyon said...

I'm watching the Angels-Red Sox game now. How on earth can C.B. Bucknor still be employed by the major leagues? The third base ump just blew a call as well.