Friday, October 17, 2008

2005 Upper Deck - Gerald Laird

Today's card is number 199 in the 2005 Upper Deck set, Gerald Laird. Here we see Gerald about to toss out a fresh baseball to his pitcher.

While the Red Sox may have kept their season alive last night, it is on to next year for most other teams. The off-season is officially here and the trade rumors are starting to swirl.

One name that keeps popping up in Texas is Gerald Laird. Opinions vary as to if he should be traded or kept but one thing is apparent; the Rangers are pretty deep at catcher. With Salty, Teagarden, and Max Ramirez pushing for the starting slot, it is looking like perhaps Laird is expendable. I would rather see Saltalamacchia go but if there is the chance to pick up some pitching, I say let the other team speak before making a final decision.

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