Friday, October 3, 2008

On the razor's edge.

Alfonso Soriano (seen here on his 2005 Donruss card, number 354) and his fellow Cubbies better get hopping or they'll be going home tomorrow. That would end the now fading hopes of an all Chicago World Series and would keep Murphy and his goat in business for one more year.

Both the Cubs and the Brewers are looking at getting swept right out of the playoffs tomorrow if they can't get a win. This would set the table for a possible repeat of last year; quick sweeps in the National League. If there is a prolonged battle in the AL then the there really would be nothing new under the sun.

So, are teams hurt or helped by sweeps in the post-season? Is the extra time a good thing, or does it cause them to get rusty? I tend to think that it causes the teams that get the sweeps to get out of practice waiting on the other series to end. It also allows them to get psyched out watching the team they are to face. What are your thoughts?

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night owl said...

I agree with you, it favors the team that won the longer series. It allows that team to keep the momentum going, and riding that positive energy seems especially important these days ('07 Rockies, '06 Cardinals, '04 Red Sox).