Saturday, October 18, 2008

No love.

How many of you have a copy of Paul Kilgus' rookie card? I have several copies of this 1988 Donruss card, number 469. Seems like it pops up whenever I buy a lot of Rangers, and in half the team lot trades I make.

Of course, we all know that 1988 Donruss was way over-produced. That, coupled with the lack of a decent design, dooms these cards to a lifetime of rejection. "Sure, I'll make the team lot trade. Just no 1988 or '89 Donruss." The lack of hobby love makes sense in this case though.

I am a bit more intrigued by some other cards that lack collectors. As I look at my commons boxes I see certain teams that have three or four times more cards than the others. Almost like 1988 Donruss, every time I open a pack these teams seem to be there and I can't see to make any trades with them.

To be fair, the lack of Expos fans is no surprise. If they had a big fan base they would still be north of the border. The Mariners, Brewers, and Padres are a little more surprising but still no big shock. I have made small trades in the past with the Mariners and the Brew Crew but I am sure the lack of post-season success has a lot to do with the lack of interest. It's the Mets and Giants that really confuse me. Why don't these teams move? Folks snap up the Yankees so fast I can't keep up. No Mets trades though. I have several folks interested in the A's but no Giants backers. Not really sure why on either coast.


--David said...

As I have been building 'trick or treat' gifts, I have been wondering the same thing. I have literally thousands of some team cards and have run out of others. Padres, Mariners, blue jays, several (lots really) others get no love... I (quite literally) can't give them away...

Steve Gierman said...

I used to be a fan of the Expos, until they moved to DC. I just can't root for DC, for some odd reason.