Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quick show-off post.

Very busy day today. Went from work to a meeting to church and now trying to get the kiddos to bed. Not much time to concoct a post.

Since I'm running behind today I decided to show off the latest addition to my Jon Matlack collection. I just picked this 1979 Baseball Guidebook up from Ebay. I had never seen this particular magazine cover of Matlack before so I jumped on it when it popped up. Gotta say that I like the picture.


Matt Runyon said...

I kept my Street and Smith's yearbooks, but they aren't in the greatest shape. They got a lot of use!

MrMopar said...

There are a lot of great 50s-80s baseball magazines out there. They definitely don't make them the way they used to!