Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trading autos.

A short while back I was looking at some of my regular favorites in the blogging world and clicking on links they had posted to various other blogs. One such blog I discovered was LV's TTM Autographs and Baseball Cards.

Laurie regularly posts TTM successes and trades over at LV's, mostly highlighted by autographed cards. She's also a big Cubs and Royals fan. I had a few Cubs TTM autos on my tradelist that nobody ever bit on so I left her a comment offering to work a deal. Laurie emailed me right back and we got a trade worked out - three for three. I picked up two autos of Dean Palmer, including this signed 1992 Leaf card, and one of Matt Harrison.

Laurie worked quickly to finalize out deal and packaged the cards well for shipment. I'm pleased with the trade and would recommend her to anyone else looking to trade signed or unsigned cards. Thanks again for the trade Laurie!

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Mark said...

Nice addition! I think Palmer was under appreciated as a player, and he's not the easiest auto to get.