Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rangers from an Indians fan.

Got up this morning to find a package in the mail from Tribecards. Recently Dave has been giving away free cards and I signed up for some Rangers. Can't resist the free Rangers.

Anyway, the cards arrived today and the lot was a nice one. Included in it was this 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Heroics Alex Rodriguez, number HH-AR1. I didn't have this card and several others included in the package and am glad to get them. Just for the record, the card pictured is not actually off-centered. That is because I couldn't get it to scan centered.

Free Rangers cards and some I needed. Way cool. Thanks Dave! I am still rooting for Texas to top Cleveland this morning though.

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--David said...

LOL, hey, I can't fault someone for rooting for their team, even in the face of free cards! I'm glad you enjoyed them, and even needed some!!