Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Of Colby, Baby, and cards.

Well, the baby is home and everyone has left. At least for now. Great to have family willing to help out. Especially when the kiddo comes ahead of schedule. Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday but I was so tired that I slept through my posting time.

Anyway, my card collecting has not been dormant. In the previous week before the baby came I picked up a blaster box of Gypsy Queen from Wal-Mart. No Rangers but I did pull an auto of Jose Bautista. Managed to turn that into some PayPal on Ebay. With that luck in mind I grabbed a "value pack" of Gypsy Queen from Target yesterday. Again no Rangers. Again an auto, this time of Brett Cecil. Guess I don't mind that luck too much.

Was able to use the minis that I pulled from the blaster to get a few Rangers cards that I needed to fill holes in my collection. One such card was this mini of Colby Lewis, number 285 in the set. Nice card to get with Colby shutting down the Devil Rays today for eight innings in route to a 3-0 win. Good to see that Feliz was able to get the save. Hope he can get his recent stumbles behind him.

So far so good. June first and in first place. Hopefully the rotation can stay strong, the bullpen tighten up, the offense catch fire, and everyone avoid injuries.


Play at the Plate said...

Hey, when you're up in the middle of the night, you can get more blogging done. I'm sure Mrs. Spiff won't mind.

Kidding...congrats again on the new addition.

flywheels said...

Oh wait, this post isn't about me! Seriously though, congrats on the baby. I've got another one coming later this month.

Spiff said...

PAP - Good idea. Problem is that I'm usually not coherent. Of course that might help the quality of the blog.

Colbey - Congratulations on the coming wee one. Good stuff.