Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making the big time?

One of the guys I often trade with is a Royals fan. A rabid Royals fan. Even now. Amazing. Even more amazing is his collection of Royals stadium giveaway bobbleheads.

After several years of admiring his impressive collection I broke down and bought my first SGA bobblehead - Jim Sundberg. Awesome from the moment I opened the box.

Mrs. Spiff is very observant and very tolerant of my Rangers addiction. She noticed that I was smitten with the bobblehead idea and decided to use our anniversary to help jump start my bobblehead collection. This Fergie Jenkins 2007 SGA bobblehead was the result. Great choice of a great former Rangers pitcher. Gotta say, he isn't Sunny but Jenkins is just downright great.

What I found equally interesting was Mrs. Spiff's account of purchasing Fergie's bobblehead. As she looked through the listings on Ebay she came across this one. Looking over the description she noticed that part of it was a write up on Jenkins' phenomenal 1974 season. It looked familiar. Surely not. Yes. At the end of the description was this: (Spiff, 2011). Just below that was this:


Spiff. (2011). Texas Rangers Cards. Retrieved from

Yes, the seller had quoted from this post. I appreciated that he had given me credit for the write-up. The question remains though, does this mean I've reached the big time? Does this qualify me as a cited source? Either way I got a real kick out of it.


Dodgerbobble said...

As a fellow blogger, I'd say you've reached the big time!

I'm a huge fan of Fergie's. That bobble is sweet! Good luck with your collection.

I'm starting to pick up bobbleheads from other teams, so if you ever have doubles, let me know if you'd like to trade.

Play at the Plate said...

Very nice Fergie...I just got my first bobblehead tonight, courtesy of a co-worker.