Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stand-in auto.

Well, Ian Kinsler is not with the Rangers tonight in Minnesota. He is home with his wife who just had a baby boy. From what the team is saying everyone is doing well. Congratulations to Ian and Mrs. Kinsler!

I'd post an autographed card of Ian to mark the occasion. He doesn't respond to autograph requests though so I have none to post. Need to work on that I suppose.

Standing in for Kinsler tonight is fellow middle-infielder Bert Campaneris. Bert does respond to autograph requests. He signed this 1979 Topps card for me in October of 2008 along with a second card that I sent to him. Bert's signature looks a bit shaky but I am more than glad to have it.

Now back to the game to see if the Rangers can send it to extras in Minnesota.

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