Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1975 Topps - Jeff Burroughs.

Jeff Burroughs was not an All-Star in 1975. The notation on card number 470 of the 1975 Topps set refers to his 1974 appearance in the midsummer classic. Burroughs had a lot to live up to in 1975 after his monster season in 1974.

Unfortunately for Texas, their starting right-fielder was not able to meet expectations. Jeff's fielding percentage dropped from .972 in 1974 to .966 in 1975. That compared to a one point drop in the league average between the two seasons.

At the plate Jeff's batting average dropped 75 points to .226 while his strikeout total climbed to 155 - a league worst. Burroughs' on-base percentage sank from .395 to .315. Most of the rest of his offensive totals dropped as well: hits by 35, doubles by 13, triples by 2, RBI by 24, runs by 3, walks by 12 and slugging percentage by 95 points. About the only improvement was in the long ball department with four more than the previous season for a total of 29.

Even though Jeff had experienced a significant drop in his numbers he wasn't yet in danger of losing his starting job. Tom Grieve was lurking though so continued decline was not a good idea. What Burroughs needed to do for 1976 was to try and get closer to his 1974 numbers. A total return might not be expected but improvement was a definite possibility.

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