Friday, September 5, 2008

1978 RC Cola Iron-on

Today's card is not a card at all, it is a 1978 RC Cola iron-on of Mike Hargrove. Seeing this post over at Dinged Corners made me think of this iron-on set.

This iron-on is part of a five piece team set. I got the set off of Ebay in order to get the Jon Matlack one. Ended up with four other Rangers as well. Kind of a nice odd-ball set I think.

Since my gums are still pretty sore from Wednesday and Mrs. Spiff is trying to get ready to hold a garage sale tomorrow I think I will call it a post.


--David said...

That is cool!! I've never seen those before - Nice Hargrove! :-)

Steve Gierman said...

Very cool! Nice find!

Spiff said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. I will need to post the rest of the set sometime.

Anonymous said...

I loved me some RC Cola back in the day. You know they used to come in thick glass bottles. I would get me on of those Ice Cold drinks from the chest out in front of an old mom and pop store and combine it with a pack of Lance Salted Peanuts. Ahhhh, that hit the spot.

Thanks Spiff. Oh, I almost forgot thats a great non card collectible.