Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today we see Brandon McCarthy on the front of his 2008 Topps card, number 156 in the set. Brandon appears to be about to deliver a pitch in Yankee stadium.

Good thing Topps picked this picture for McCarthy's 2008 card. It is just about all the pitching Rangers fans have seen out of Brandon this year. After spending most of the year on the disabled list, he looks to be headed back there.

McCarthy lasted less than an inning last night before leaving the game with an injured finger. So much for the full season of health the Rangers were expecting according to the back of the card. Texas managed to win anyway but the exhausted bullpen got ridden hard again.

It seems that the big catch this year has been the starting rotation. Not that they can't perform or have pitched badly. It seems like none of them have stayed off the disabled list long enough for anyone to find out. Very frustrating.

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