Saturday, September 27, 2008

Artful Dodger.

This 2006 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH116 card features Jerry Hairston. It is also the last card I needed to put my 2006 Topps set to bed. I received it in the mail yesterday as part of a trade with Greg over at Night Owl cards. Greg had taken me up on my offer of a team lot trade and wanted Dodgers for his Rangers.

There is an art to successful team lot trading and Greg is a master. The lot that he sent me exceeded the 75 card agreement that we had and included several that I needed. In addition to helping me knock off a team set he also sent along some older cards and some oddball ones that I needed. There was also a way cool bonus card that went far above and beyond the parameters of the trade.

If you ever get the chance to trade with Greg, you need to do so. Most likely he'll put more in your pocket than he takes out. Thanks again for the trade Greg and I will be adding your blog to my links list.

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night owl said...

Glad the cards made it safely! And that you could use some of them. Thanks for adding me to your list, too.