Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rangers Captain - TTM auto

Spiff Jr. got this card in the mail today. Late last week he sent it off to Captain with a request for an autograph. Then came the long (for him) wait. Finally, it came back today. With it was a personalized note and two additional autographed cards.

Needless to say, the little man is in orbit. He had to call Papa right away and tell him all about it. He had to have Dad put the cards in toploaders, Mom read and re-read the note and little sister had to look at them again and again. Gotta love a young child's enthusiasm. Reminds me of why I send cards off to players and ask them to scrawl their names across the fronts.


Johngy said...

That's a great story. Good to see kids enjoying the good stuff.

Spiff said...

Yeah, always a good thing to see the wee ones having a good time. Both Spiff Jr. and Little Sister really enjoyed the time they met Captain at a game.