Saturday, February 21, 2009

1989 Classic - Rafael Palmeiro.

Not much going on today. The Rangers are prepping for their first exhibition game, against the Royals. Mike Young is predicting a big offensive season. Pretty safe prediction there.

Seeing as things are slow on the baseball front, I thought some Classic trivia might be in order. Today's questions come from card number 163 in the 1989 Classic set, Rafael Palmeiro.

1. (T-F) Bobby Valentine started the 1989 season as manager of the Rangers.
2. Who was sometimes referred to as "the Mahatma"?
3. What playing manager led the league in hitting?
4. What pitcher lost the most games in a season?
5. A home run with the bases loaded is called what?

Got a couple of easy questions along with some that I know I would have no chance of getting correct. Anyone willing to take up the challenge please post your answers in the comments. Good luck!


Dubbs said...

1. True
2. Ghandi...duh.
3. Pete Rose
4. Submarine era or not? If not, I think it's gotta be Canseco.
5. Grand Salami

by the way, my word verification code spells Sierra. Nice.

David Wishinsky said...

1. True
2. Branch Rickey
3. Frank Robinson?
4. John Coleman with 48 for the Phils in 18?? I dont know modern era
5. Grand slam

night owl said...

Geez, did I send you this card? I could've sworn I had this at one time. Now I can't find it to cheat and answer the questions.

OK, I'll guess:

1. True
2. Branch Rickey
3. Lou Boudreau
4. Hmmm
5. Grand slam

night owl said...

Oh, and I see the Rangers have signed Kris Benson.