Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can pitch, will travel.

Well, it is looking like the Rangers have some serious doubts about Ben Sheets. Perhaps his medical issues are more than first realized. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

Looking at the Hot Stove Tracker on one can see that Sheets isn't alone. There is still a lot of starting pitching out there that hasn't been signed. Some of it is like Kenny Rogers, seen here on his 2005 Topps U&H All-Star Stitches card. Kenny and a few other pitchers are possibly on the cusp of retirement due to age. Others may be looking at medical induced retirement or possibly minor league contracts.

One thing is for sure, if some serious inking doesn't get done in the next week, there may be a few millionaires filing for unemployment.

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Dubbs said...

Wow - Sheets needs elbow surgery, failed physical after tentative 2-yr agreement w/ the Rangers. Looks like he'll be spending this year on the mend.