Monday, February 16, 2009

Book 1, Page 29.

Well, the pitchers and catchers are all in camp. At least those with contracts are. Still no Pudge signing, but the Marlins are still professing some interest. It seems to me though that time runs short.

Today we have almost a full page of Pudge. Only missing one card. By this point in the book that isn't bad. Let's take a look:
1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality #103
1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality Members Only #103
1995 Studio #117
1995 Summit #82
Empty pocket
1995 Tombstone Pizza #15
1995 Topps #543
1995 Topps Cyberstats #324
1995 Topps D3 #32

The empty pocket is left for the 1995 Summit Nth Degree #82. On this page I like the Studio most which is strange considering that I believe credit cards to be a necessary evil at best. I find the 1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality Members Only card to be amusing and frustrating at the same time. A parallel of a parallel? Why?

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