Monday, February 2, 2009

Book 1, Page 27.

Not much going on in baseball today. Still no Pudge signing to report. Here is what we have for today:
1995 Score Contest Redemption #AD2
1995 Score Gold Rush #367
1995 Score Hall of Gold #HG74
Empty pocket
1995 Select #63
Empty pocket
1995 Select Certified #77
Empty pocket
1995 SP #198

The empty pockets are left for the 1995 Score Platinum Team Sets #367, 1995 Select Artist's Proofs #63, and 1995 Select Certified Mirror Gold #77.

Probably my favorite from this bunch is the Score Contest Redemption. Nice shot of Ivan holding the ball and glaring a runner back to the bag as the dust settles from the previous play. The inscription on the card of "Guaranteed Right, Guaranteed Scarce" is also kind of interesting. I can understand the "scarce" part, the company would know that from their print run. What about the "right" part? Does that refer to the write-up on the back? To the fact that Pudge is right-handed? Interesting indeed.

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