Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reporting in.

They're in camp! Spring Training has started! Oh yeah! 31 Pitchers reported to Surprise, Arizona for the Rangers this year. 32 if you count the team president. Nolan Ryan, seen here on his 1990 Score card number 696, has made his mark on the team and apparently on Spring Training.

Starting tomorrow the pitchers begin throwing to live hitters. It's been a long time since they did that and this is probably the first time to do it on the first day of camp. In addition the Rangers are adding throwing and conditioning practice and emphasizing fielding.

Hopefully this work will all begin to pay off. Ryan and Jon Daniels stood by their word and didn't spend a bunch of money on free agents. This gives the young guys a chance to shine. It would be nice to see them take advantage of the opportunity.

Josh Hamilton thinks the team can win 90 games. That would just tickle me pink to see. A winning season along would be nice, contention for a large part of the year would be well above anybody's expectations.

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