Monday, February 9, 2009

Book 1, Page 28.

So, Tom Hicks feels betrayed by Alex Rodriguez. Guess he can join the long list of fans who have already felt betrayed by him. Should have plenty of company.

Still no solid word on the Marlins and Pudge. No telling what could happen there. Let's see what we have up for Ivan today.
1995 SP Championship #192
1995 SP Championship Die Cuts #192
Empty Pocket
1995 Sportflix #33
Empty Pocket
1995 Stadium Club #197
1995 Stadium Club First Day Issue #197
1995 Stadium Club Member's Only #197
Empty Pocket

The empty pockets are reserved for the 1995 SP Silver #198, 1995 Sportflix Artist's Proofs #33, and the 1995 Stadium Club Super Team World Series #197. Of the cards in the page I must admit that I like the Sportflix one the best. I am, and always have been, a sucker for Sportflix. Although I am not a set builder I have been on and off working on several Sportflix sets for years.

Well, Andruw Jones has a new home, we just don't know where yet. Possibly with the Rangers, more likely in AAA if he can't get his game on. Seems that Texas has signed a lot of guys this year to minor league deals. Is this a sound strategy? The reasoning seems to be that if they make good, the team scores. If they fail, little loss. What do you think? Is this the poor man's free agent lottery? Is it a valid strategy that could yield results?

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