Thursday, February 12, 2009

A word from the management.

Starting last night, I am working a seven day third shift stretch at work. I'll try and keep posting but may be sporadic or short until I get back to a more normal shift. I'll leave you with this signed through the mail 1988 Topps card of Bobby Valentine and the answers to yesterday's trivia.

Two readers posted answers to the questions, both got most of them correct but tripped once. Probably better than I could do off the top of my head. Ok, here we go.
1. True. I probably would have gotten this one simply because Dwight is the only Mets pitcher I remember from 1987.
2. George "Rube" Waddell. This one would have been a toss-up at best for me.
3. Hank Aaron. I looked this one up to be sure it is still true. It is. Hank holds the lead with 2,297 career RBI. Barry Bonds is fourth with 1,996. In between are Cap Anson and Babe Ruth.
4. 1976. I would have been able to narrow it down to the seventies but would have missed the exact year.
5. False. Of course. I did see a discussion of what would happen if the Rangers switched leagues. According to T.R. Sullivan, they would probably still lead the league in runs scored and still need pitching.

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